Things Fall Apart


This Image shows a man knocking down another man. This is just like the memory Okonkwo has of his fight with the Cat "As a young man of eighteen he had brought honour to his village by throwing Amalinze the Cat." pg 1
This shows a Young man carrying an old man on his back. This represents the burden that Okonkwo's father has left behind for him to carry. "When Unoka died he had taken no title at all and he was heavily in debt." pg 5
This shows a blinded person on a lonely island. Okonkwo is very similar to this person he feels alone and is blinded of what he fears. "Okonkwo's fear was greater than these. It was not external but lay deep within himself. It was the fear of himself." pg 9
This shows a dog with people sucking on it for milk. This picture is like how Okonkwo and other's work off of Nwakibie. Obeying him. "It was for this man that Okonkwo worked to earn his first seed yams." pg 13
This picture shows a hill whose crest is a man. Unoka, Okonkwo's father, is like the hill. Alone and lower than his comrades. "Unoka was, of course, a debtor, and he owed every neighbour some money, from a few cowries to quite substantial amounts." pg 2
This shows a ship in a sea of wreckage. The ship is sailing for its life. Okonkwo is like the ship. He is trying to avoid being like his father. "And so Okonkwo was ruled by one passion - to hate everything that his father Unoka had loved." pg 9
This shows a dog by his owner's side. Okonkwo's son Nwoye was constantly nagged by his father but he still tried to make him proud "and he sought to correct him by constant nagging and beating." pg 10
This shows doves eating from a bowl, much like Okonkwo's wives feed off of him. Okonkwo slept by himself and provided everything and everyone was aware so they just went along. "Okonkwo's prosperity was visible in his household." pg 10
This horse is flying like it is the greatest in the world. It is powerful and graceful. Okonkwo sees himself like this horse. " When he walked, his heels hardly touched the ground and he seemed to walk on springs." pg 2
This shows men having a good time as if they don't have a care in the world. Okonkwo hates men like this. Laziness is a weakness to him, because it reminds him of his father. "Even as a little boy he had resented his father's failure and weakness." pg 9
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