Color for thought

Collection of astonishing, vibrant and interesting artwork from different artists.

Beautiful landscape that covers more than half the painting with soothing afternoon colors.
In my opinion color in this painting suggest different personalities for each individual painted.
The tone of the sea and sky in this painting are amazing, one thing that caught my eye is that it shows different layers of blue which give the effect of blue mountains in the background.
Simple an amazing composition filled with vibrant colors.
Mesmerizing mural, colors and small details are just shocking.
Altough this is a simple composition, its colors make the watcher feel relaxed.
This composition colors are lively, almost giving it out a childish style that absorbs you.
All the details and colors in this painting are precious, rich and clear. Simple amazing.
Each stroke in this painting reflects detailed portions of van Gogh face, the structure of color allows us to appreciate and infer more about van Gogh personality and art style.
This painting colors are really rich and alive making it look amazingly real and stimulating.
Wonderful painting with delightful motionless people and colors that reflect a lively common social gathering from the past. I loved hw the colors reacted to the lighting
Smart and noisy use of colors in this painting. It is incredible how lively and well made the womens where drawn and it is also fantastic how the different textures where recreated on their dresses.
This piece feels so fresh and gentle almost provocative in terms of the girl. The colors are so befitting and they represent and amazing work with the lightining. It is beautiful and lovely.
Absorbing piece of art with outstanding and abundant colors. It is really attractive and classy.
Charming and decorous artwork filled with different interesting colors that give out a fabulous and energetic form.
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