The principles of design

This is a gallery that shows artworks with the principles of design.

Edvard Munch showed rhythm and movement in his artwork,"The Scream", by making many long, wavy and swirling lines.
Edourd Duval Carrie showed variety in the artwork,"Regional Study," by using different designs on the different masks.
Lee Seahyun uses unity in the artwork,"Between Red," by painting it in only the color red.
Vincent Van Gogh uses proportion in his artwotk,"The Bedroom," by making some objects bigger than others such as making the bed bigger than the desk.
Leon Bonvin uses emphasis in the artwork,"Landscape with a bare Tree and a Plowman," by drawing a big tree on a simple landscape.
Lee Joong Keun uses pattern in the artwork,"Forever Love," by repeating a design around the circle.
The artwork,"Silk Velvet Textile," shows balance because both side are equally the same.
Credits: All media
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