Through the darkness we find light.

This gallery focus on the darker side paintings of the late 1400s to 1600s. 

In Death and the Miser it has a mix of demons and angels around a sick women laying in the bed. With an old man putting gold into a bag being stolen by a rat. The arch top adds a layer of depth.
The Bacchus Singers has a group of men drinking and smoking around a tablet laughing. Hieronymus Bosch used dark reds and greens to go against whites and browns for contrast.
The ship and the Depravity has a group in a boat with a jester like person standing. Using ridged lines Pieter van der Heyden was able to portray emotion in the faces.
Lots of people and animals spread out through a open area along a river. Hieronymus Bosch used didnt sizes for people and objects to create layers adding depth.
Man laying down next to a giant planet looking at a lamb with mountains in the background. Bosch using the mountains in the background making the painting look deeper then it is.
Busy village with a turned over cart and a fire in the background. Using the fire in the background adding contrast with the rest of the painting to keep the eye moving through out the painting.
People climbing or being sucked into a mouth in the middle of the river. The artist make the background really dark to keep the focus in the middle.
Jesus crucified in the center while 4 people pray around him. He put the city way back in the distance to add depth and making the image look closer then it is.
Battle between angels and fallen angels. Artist used darks color for the fallen angels and lighter colors for the angels for contrast.
Giant fish with a bunch of fishes coming out of its mouth with a fisherman cutting out more fish. Artist used jagged edges and dots for contrast and shading.
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