Winter Landscapes

Landscapes in winter are a beautiful sight to see. The snow covered ground created in all of these pieces show a good sense of contrast and value in the way that the snow is shown. There's a mix of urban towns and rural areas that show how different the two forms can be portrayed. Artwork chosen by Trevor Hagerdorn.

This piece by Choi shows a snow-covered tree with a chair in the foreground. This piece fits my theme because it shows a landscape that is dominated by a tree while creating a sense of depth.
This piece by Dahl shows a snow covered plain having a frontal hill with rocks and a leafless tree. This fits my theme because it has an aerial perspective while also creating contrast in the snow.
This Durrie piece depicts a farmhouse along with a few dogs and horses during the winter season. This piece also shows aerial perspective with the mountains in the background fading away.
This painting by Caylor depicts 3 coyotes in the foreground with a house way in the background. This creates depth by having the house way in the back and also shows a strong contrast in the snow.
This piece depicts a urban location with skaters on the icy river. This piece creates a sense of depth showing us how far away the skaters are compared to the trees in the foreground.
Another piece by Durrie that depicts a farmyard covered in snow. This piece shows an aerial perspective and also in the contrast and value changes of the snow in the shade and in the sun.
This landscape by Guy depicts Brooklyn covered in snow. This piece shows atmospheric perspective and has a strong sense of contrast and value in the change of the snow as if it was plowed recently.
This piece depicts a rural landscape with a few hay bales. In this you can see the perspective as the wall fades back in space. This has a strong sense in value from the shade and sun covered snow.
This piece depicts an urban area with people gathering what looks to be firewood. This piece shows a good value change in the ice that creates a nice reflection and also has aerial perspective.
This piece by Olgyai shows a plain covered in snow right before a forest. This piece shows a good sense of perspective with how the snow fades into the background of trees and a nice value change.
Credits: All media
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