The light in the darkness

This gallery includes different representations of the theme Hope in painting, sculpture and other mediums. Gallery Created by Greg Burciaga

This sculpture depicts Hope breast feeding Love, symbolizing that those two emotions have a very strong connection. The ties between new life and a hopeful future are clear to see as well.
This painting showing the women lying in her death bed also showcases the ties between life and death associated with hope. She's going to die, therefore this is no hopeful future.
This painting showcases someone who seems to be a philosopher contemplating some dire situation. Trying to discover a solution to bring hope to his cause.
I love this piece, it's a man looking battered and beaten. With the only thing keeping him going is Hope, because after everything's taken away, you cant remove that from a mans heart.
This seems to be more of a religious piece. The man has these angels over his shoulder guiding him towards the right path. Faith, Charity and Hope together the religious man is safe.
This time hope is being shown as a part of a group. This one a reflection on society as a whole. We deal with all these things as humans and how we relate to one another.
One of the more modern pieces in my gallery, I enjoyed this because it shows the urban Muriel style inner cities are known for. It's more easily accessible then the other pieces as well.
Another one showcasing a more modern take with Muriel street art. This one with an emphasis on school children. Parents always hope the future is better for there kids. That message is clear
This black and white depiction of a man shows back to our core belief. Take everything away from a man but you cant rob him of his hope. His vision is clear, he's ready for his next obstacle.
This one showcases how other people might effect your hope. If your met with negativity from the outside it can dampen your spirit. It's a hard thing to do to remain optimistic.
Credits: All media
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