Texture Used In Fabric

For the Google Art Project, I focused on Texture and how it appears in fabric.

This piece was chosen because the way the the texture is drawn on the kimono makes the fabric look like scales. This adds an interesting unrealistic side to the piece.
In this piece, the way that the fabric is painted makes it appear to be satin. This is one of the most difficult fabrics to paint.
Even though this is more of an illustration style, the water marks in the paint creates texture not only in the kimono, but the gloves as well.
The way that the trim of the garment is painted give the impression that she is wearing fur. The fur aids in contrast to the satin of the dress. 
Because the painting style is rough and more impressionistic than perfectly realistic, the audience get the idea that the fabric being worn is a rough material. Still, a final conclusion can not be made, simply because of the painting style.
Texture can clearly be seen on the woman's transparent over skirt. This allows for a more interesting fabric composition.
For this piece, the texture is more clearly seen in the woman's metal head piece, instead of her fabric. Because of the stark highlights, the audience can tell that she is wearing metal.
While most of the painting appears to be ghostly, full attention is given to the woman's bodice of her dress. Clear metal detail can be seen, as well as a satin texture. 
Because of the strong highlights and shadowing, we can conclude that the woman is resting on a satin-like material. The texture of the fabric lead to a composition that brings your eyes around the canvas. 
The rough style of painting leads to a feeling that she is wearing rough fabric.
Color creates the texture in the fabric of this woman's shawl. 
The texture of this women's dress is made using key brush strokes. Because of this, we see that the dress has a rough, sequin texture.
Not only does color help define the texture, but the artist's brush strokes as well. Because of how the fabric is painted, the audience can tell that the women's dress fabric is different from her veil. 
I chose this piece specifically for the lack of texture in these fabrics. The artists used pretty flat colors when making this piece.
This painting clearly shows the transparency of the fabric. The figure underneath the fabric is clearly seen. 
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