Great depression

The Great Depression was a difficult time for many people. A lot of people were left unemployed, and many others homeless. It was a rough time due to the amount of suicides, homicides, crime, and stock market decline. 

The Dust Bowl was an agricultural, economic and social disaster that took place during the 1930's on the Great Plains. Poor farming practices, drought and high winds created useless farmland. Thousands of families had to move west to escape dust storms and to find jobs.
This picture shows the hardships in this time with the bleak environment and the depression atmosphere.
The crops were destroyed and little to no water was left for the crops so many of them dried out. This would have lead to nationwide shortages and loss of profits for many people.
This photo showed the thick amounts of dust created during the Dust Bowl.
Two tractors are plowing a field, the white shows the heavy amounts of dust deposited and the black shows the difference in color after the dust is removed.
Living conditions were extremely poor in this part of the country after the dust bowl occurred. Thick layers of dust covered a lot of common household items.
An aerial view of deep furrows used to prevent the dirt from drifting.
Much of the land after the dust bowl was very barren and rid of life.
The thick amounts of dust caused small trees to topple over, smothering plant life and making it look like a wasteland.
Cranes were used to clear out irrigation ditches. Some, like this one, were 6 feet deep.
Cattle had to be moved, dust can be seen almost everywhere on this picture. The cattle lost their grazing land.
Much farmland and many fences were destroyed. This is an abandoned farmhouse with uninhabitable land.
Over 160 acres of land had its topsoil removed in this picture. The family who owned this farm lost out on most if not all of their money.
This picture shows people socializing in a dusty house around the time that the dust bowl took place. It looked extremely uncomfortable.
Illustrating how the farmers felt after the dust took most of their land. This farmer seems to be looking for any type of land that he can use to plant his crops. The camera lens has dust on it as well.
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