Color - Darkness and Light

A group of pictures that uses darkness and light in some fashion to bring about a greater impact of the pieces. Each in themselves using darkness as something to hide in and light as something to bring wonder or exploration there on to.

This uses an excellent dark color in order to best keep up the hidden motif of what lies within hell. Darkness used to obfuscate!
Another interesting use of darkness as the woman holds the candle. She uses the light to show herself and the darkness of the unknown beyond her home.
Yet another image of someone educated that holds a candle over something they are researching it. As it stands the darkness around him is slowly being illuminated by knowledge.
With this image, the holy figure is illuminated by as she comes to deliver the message, dispelling the darkness around them.
I enjoyed this image. Each candle representing a cleansing image, the darkness in this image is perhaps the horror of war, the light a prayer for a better world or a soul lost.
This candle sequence is something else. Darkness is not an evil force here, but perhaps simply just those who do not understand. The light here proving the life of the shrine, darkness being the void.
This has always been one of my favorites. The light of the stars completely removes the darkness from space. Instead the darkness within a twist tree that somehow proves gives a sense of evil to me.
This is actually kind of neat because its the opposite. The light in this case is the forbidden knowledge of the devil trying to be passing to St Dominic. Reversals can be very interesting!
Here I just a classic ideal of light giving the presence of Holiness to the target cast in light.
This is just a classic image using the Chiaroscuro technique. Though it lacks the candle and exploration of the others sadly!
This is an interesting use to show the heroes in the light and their enemies in the dark. The light gives the impression of a rightious success, while the enemies are powerless in the dark.
Here is another Chiaroscuro image. Though the enemies are aggressors tend to be dark and the victims shown in the light.
This image uses darkness to bring a feel of dispair and an overcast feel. The light is given to everyone to show their expressions but all are darkened by the troubles presented. Tainted almost.
Here is another Chiaroscuro example. The Cardinal given the most light showing his holiness. The darkness in the back in this case doesn't seem to be showing any aspect beyond foreshadowing the light.