Darkness Endures

A gallery showing how darkness seems to be an ongoing subject or reflection in all art and culture throughout history and time.

I love the messages this piece sends. It is so barren, yet it seems like an entry or as though once you passed through the trees something unexpected might be waiting on the other side.
This was the first work I chose, because I felt a connection to the piece. It gave me somewhere to go with the theme.
Death is such a dark concept, but this one really takes it to a cool level. The way he seems to be caught off guard by something in front of him as he is painting while death is behind him.
This is just such a forlorn piece of art, I had to put it in the gallery.
While this piece isn't as sad as the other Seurat, it still has a very dark perspective.
I referenced Van Gogh's Starry Night when I saw this. I love Starry Night, but this one just has such a darker connotation.
I chose this one because it seemed as though such an interesting moment was captured. Yet he looks bored or complacent. The contrast seemed dark to me.
Red is a color that represents anger and darkness for me. This piece seemed to be a perfect ending for a gallery about darkness over time.
Credits: All media
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