Art elements

Form- This picture represents form because it is a real life object and has height, width, and depth.
Color- This picture represents color because you can see many different hues values. You can see how the light effects the shadows of the image as well.
Shape- The reason this picture represents shape is because t has no 3-D areas and it only has height and width- no depth. It is also defined by lines.
Value- This picture represents value because it has many different lightnesses and darknesses. You can see the different shades of color according to how the light reflects some objects in the image.
Space- This picture falls into the shape category because it has both positive and negative space. You can see the actual objects and the space surrounding the object.
Line- This picture represents the element line because this picture is made almost entirely of lines. They curve, bend, are thick, and thin, etc.
Texture- This image counts as texture because it looks as if you could reach out and feel the smoothness of the vase. However, because it is just and image, it is implied texture and you could not.
Credits: All media
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