From Sea To Shining Sea

This Gallery is an adaptation of my love for ocean art and the many different textures that are used in each painting. each piece of art includes different time zones, colors, and textures that formally take you on a visual journey of how artists take their views and imaginations of the ocean and turn them into beautiful works of art.

"Ships on a stormy sea" is a painting that flawlessly shows how rocky the sea can get. It shows boats rocking (almost tipping over) left and right as a oncoming storm approaches. If you look closely at the mountains to the right you can assume that the water is cold because of the snow on top of them. This art has great movement techniques in it and has an outstanding focal point of the waves that capture you with the incredible detail of light and dark colors that he adds for a sense of realism.
"A wijdschip and a kaag in an inlet close to a sea-wall" Is a painting that has tons of life and proportion to it like no other. The best part of this oil on canvas painting is the realism of the ships and the ocean. This painting shows ships coming into land from the sea most likely searching for new settlements. The calming of the sea's emphasis is intertwined with the sign of hope and new beginnings with the blue sky's in the background.
"Fishing Boats in a Calm Sea" Is a painting that portrays a perfect unity between the ships the ocean and the sky. I like how calm this painting is its just men at sea fishing being one with beauty and nature. The detail of the reflections of the ships on the water is outstanding and really brings the emotion of the calm waters together.
"Sea and Sky" is a remarkable oil on canvas painting that shows what the best days of the ocean are like with the focal point being right where the pink clouds reflect upon the water. The painting shows a beautiful rock ledge to the left with a blue sky with the sun setting creating an empowering pink to the clouds. The color used in this painting is perfect and I could only hope to find a sea escape as beautiful and incredible as this painting.
"The Sea: Moonlight" has a beautiful angle that outlooks from the shore into a deep beautiful endless ocean. The patterns that outline the sand give this work of art a realistic structure and backbone. The awe of glare of the sun gives the ocean a beautiful emphasis on the beauty of the sea. I also found that he perfectly faded out the sand creeping into the sea to show great amounts of depth to the painting.
"Fishermen at Sea" is a gorgeous oil on canvas painting that really has amazing detail everywhere. This Painting depicts a rough storm while this fishing boat struggles to hold on. This painting brings me to the saying when things get rough, hold on. The focal point for me was located in the detail of the rocking seas and sometimes in the detail of the horror look of the sky. I think a very well executed part of this art is where the opening of the clouds that lets the faint dark texture of the sun climb in through the clouds.
"The Sea: Evening" is a painting of the sea that really has a calm balance of everything in between. like "The Sea: Moonlight" It shows a perspective of viewing out from the shore, with emphasis on the calming sky's that are a direct reflection of the oceans emotion and scheme. I really love the different patterns he uses to make the sky stand out passionately.
"Bostanci Sea Baths" has a remarkable perspective showing the ocean right next to a very green, healthy beachfront town. The way the sea shimmers, and the reflections that encompass it are substantial. I found that the patterns he used in the creation of the leaves and plant life in this piece of art are very well done. The color scheme is very calm lighter colors for the ocean and a very deep colorful green for the plants. The colors and objects have this perfect blend.
"My Age of Seven - The Sea in My Mom's Hometown" Is very unique and different from the rest. The focal point of this piece of art is the clear ocean passageway between the houses. This painting has so much life with trees losing leaves floating on the inlet, to the color scheme of blue and green, even to the details of the house's. The most impressive detail in this painting is how they made the sea look so realistic and clear which really complements the rest of his work flawlessly. I also found it incredible how perfect everything is proportioned right to a perfect size.
"Sunset at Sea" is my favorite picture from this gallery. I like this picture because you literally can not stop staring at that perfectly executed glare of the sun on the sea and the horizon. The detail of the ships is incredible everything from the mast to the sails, with every crease accounted for. the texture of the ocean is exactly what I think of when I think of a perfect day out at sea. you can also sea a town to the right in the distance which adds depth and proportion to this painting. Nothing beats the detail of this painting in my opinion.
Credits: All media
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