Afganistan history

By Clayton Wardyn and Devon Oberholtz

They have been known for farming for many years .
Afganistan declared their independance in 1919 dew to a big war.
They have got some what rich because of minng and oil production
they lost most of their money because they had a big war and most of it was lost to to robbers.
Their main crop are patatoes be cause it is very hot, and other crops wont grow. Whitch brought in lots of money.
The war made many people leave dew to devestation to homes and property.
Most people made their living off of mining and oil.
Construction was not very important to the Afgan people because they didn't care about buliding, only mining.
Their have been many wars fought in Afganistan.
Many of the people are muslums whitch mean they are islamic people.
Their main livestock is cattle, pigs, and birds.
When they get rain, not very often, the rivers flood and the water seps through the ground.
Some afgans are rich, not all are poor.
They love to right poetry.
The mostly rid around on horse or camels.
Most are well educated. This hasent alwlays been like this, this just recentl happened in 19 20.
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