The Vision

In my gallery I have chosen 15th century's illusive artworks.

This artwork is a perfect example of illusion and depth painting. It feels like a dome on top of the art although it was done in a plane surface.
This painting is also give us an impression of 3D depth and 3D perspective.The painting was based on vanishing point principle.
This painting is an example of perfect perspective.The depth was accurate and every person appeared in the art are in perfect perspective.
This painting is a great example of using vanishing point principle to create a depth.
It looks like a 3D gallery. The painting is very detailed and there are many characters. The characters are in perfect perspective.
This painting has different layers to crated a 3D depth. The layers are created and shaded in such a way that it feels individual  and separated .
The lighting and sheading in this picture created a amazing 3D visual and depth.The image looks so realistic,It almost feels like photographic.
There is so much happening in this painting.The perspective created in this painting is amazing.The level of detail in this painting is mind blowing. We can see each individual and still maintaining the perfect perspective.
It is a beautiful painting and the 3D depth is clearly visible.Multiple factors were considered to give the painting an almost illusive look.The shading helped to blend the 3D effect.
The depth was created using multiple layers. The layers helped to created an artificial depth to the image.At the same time the painting is very detailed and colorful.
Another great example of perfect perspective and beautiful contrast. The figures are accurately painted and they are in perfect perspective.
Very detailed painting. The figures are in perfect perspective. It is amazing how did he put so many character keeping everyone in perspective.
The color and environment of the painting is amazing. The contrast between the sky and ground is very nice and the perspective is created by the artist is truly impressive.
Great example of perspective visualization. The lighting and shading generates an illusion.
A essence of war is perfectly depicted in the painting. Multiple layers are created to give a vast feel to the painting. The reality of the war is perfectly described in the painting.
Credits: All media
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