Christian vs. Islamic Religious art

Assignment 13

This is an example of Christian religious art because it uses saints and the Madonna while depicting the scene of The Annunciation. The use of living beings is very typical, but forbidden in Islamic art.
This example of an icon shows the Madonna and baby Jesus in portrait style. This is another example of the difference between Islamic and Christian art.
This is more of a scultpure, but it shows the use of arabesque design on a panel. The interwoven vines and extreme detail to twists and turns are typical for Islamic art. There is an absence of living beings in this.
This panel shows the importance of repetition of design, much like the repetition of prayer during meditation. The panel also points upward, in the direction that prayer is supposed to be sent. Use of the same hues is also important.
This panel shows the difference between luxury and religious art in Islam. It is a portrait style of a rich woman. This shows extreme vanity and idolatry which is not present in religious art.
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