All Meaning Lost

Society values structure and form. There are rules and regulations that do not allow one to live their life completely free.  People are pressured into doing “good” things by either their own beliefs, societal force, or what has been passed down to them. Most daily actions are not completely independent ones. We work to make money in order to live. Our job is meaningful to us. What would happen if there was no meaning to anything? What would happen if nothing had value? One may think that living in a world without meaning would not be bad. One could do whatever they want whenever they want. The catch? Why do anything at all. There would be no pressure to do well and there would be no expectations to do something great. Being just average or even below average would not be looked down upon since all the successes of others do not actually mean a thing. It is true that this could produce a life of complete freedom but is it worth giving up all worth? A nihilist belief will lead to despair among all and the complete desolation of land. Without the meaning that is inherently given to things there can be no structure. A meaningless world would become a world without morals, a world without beliefs, leading the world to yield to destruction and crumbling beneath our feet. What gets us through day in and day out is the fact that we believe that even the most basic things we do and fundamentally ourselves have some amount of meaning to the world on a grand scheme or other individuals. The very basis of society relies on all people and all actions have some sort of meaning. A meaningless world would amount to no development and culminate with a plunge into darkness. For if everything means nothing than nothing everything will become.

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" (Thoreau 11) Desperate in the question of good versus bad. What could be the outcome if it were just to stop?
" thought it was a good idea at the time" (Epictetus 33) Could the world survive while people watched the meaningless globe turn? Numbness in exchange for progress.
People turn to savagery.
Chaos ensues as the end of civilization nears. The meaning that held up law and society is no more.
"...the present lived at the expense of the future!" (Nietzsche 9)
"And what we were before is no concern to us as we are now..." (Lucretius 97)
All of Time, Memory and Existence shares the same meaning as a single molecule of water in an ocean. No one cares to watch it in the waves. No one to splash it around.
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