The movement picture is Post-Impressionism but the style belongs to expressionism. I choose this picture because of loving summer nights and this picture reminds me these nights because of having stars in the sky.
It is belong to Renaissance art because it was made in these years. I search this picture because it explain absolutely it is own name in picture.
It is belongs to High Renaissance. I select it because of angel because always including angel in picture comes to me very natural.
it is belongs to High-Renaissance. I select this picture because of including angel. Always angels comes to me very natural in pictures and I love natural pictures.
ıt is a Impressionism art. It is very colorful picture so it show us affectable. I search this because of being colorful.
It is belongs to uropean Renaissaince. I select it because of shows reality. the picture names and the picture are the same. ın reality the harvesters are the same with the picture.
It is belongs to Renassaince. I select this because when I see this picture in first time is come to me real not painting picture.
It belongs to Romantıcısm. I select it because of showing it belonging and it is look like very natural. Pictures subjects giving naturally to picture.
It is belongs to Renassaince, it is mythological painting. I select it because of being colorful and being natural so when I look I cannot understand the picture how make it. Another thing for decided to search this picture is art painting.
It is belongs to Neo-Classism. I picked this picture because of show drama as well. Maybe the picture is very reality.
it is belongs to mannerism which focus on a human. I select this because the best example of the mannerism so focused on the human in the picture
it is belongs to Renassaince. I select this picture because of having mythological scenes. According to me mythology only it is story and when I look I can see people can fly or at the behind all of people I can see a woman like a ghost and according to me these scenes are myths
it is belongs to early Renassaince. Ipicked this picture because the best battle scenes on this picture. Today we cannot see the battles like that so being ancient and truth is the best cause for select it.
it is belongs to Gotic style. I picked this picture because of having many different people in one picture.
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