Art scrapbook

when I first saw this art piece it in interest me because of the form of art medium the artist uses which is pastel and i like how the artist uses that to real paint a beautiful sunset. also something els that caught my attention was what i think have hidden meanings like the two men in the back as well the boats that are at sea in back of the painting
at first glance what drew my eyes was girl the on horse that seems like are falling into the lake and the two women seem helpless cause i feel as though thats what the artist wants you to focus on but I feel as though that is a distraction because the rest of the painting is dark and I didn't see the man on the horse in the back or that the town behind the girl looks like a pile of ruble and seems as though it was burned down or just went through some horrible destruction.
"the Birth of Venus" to me represents to new beginnings as the artist represents that by "venus" standing on a sea shell and by a women with a blanket that i believe she want warp around her to sort of welcome her to life
if someone was to just take a quick glance at this art they must just see a snake but i see more. I see a stair case starting from his tail leading to his head. an as we all know a some snakes have a pattern that may differ from a venomous snake but to me he uses that pattern as a stair case to represents that while may of us start at the "bottom of a stair case" we all seem to and that all are different we seem to have the same goal and that's to each the top
I love street art I think very Modern. I think street art allows the Artists to add their own touch represented in this art the artist just could have just mirrored the statue Of Liberty but instead add his own touch make the arm look stretched or that the artist put eight points of the crown of Statue Of Liberty instead of seven as the original has
the first thing that caught my attention when i chose this art work was the facial expression of the man being bitten by the bear and how he hardly shows little to no emotions i expected to see his arm bloody or his face in tears or agony and is face cringed from pain he's in
This work of art has personal meaning to me.when i was a child going to church every Sunday with my grandma was normal i would see her praying in her room with a candle of Saint Michael thats when she started to tell me al about this Saint and how her mother prayed to him as well
i feel as though when this artist painted this picture he wanted to seem as though his art was like a puzzle because in my opinion it look as though its made of different pieces of art arranged to make different parts
StillLife Art is by far my favorite genre of art because i feel as though it allows the Artist to be creative and spontaneous. the artist can simply just take any random objects and put them in such way that it has such a deep meaning or hidden message the viewer may tend to over look.
this art work is very captivating to me i feel as though the tiger is just looking from above the hill he's on and sort of just waiting for something to happen or just watching an waiting to attack to what looks like army of men in distance
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