Kings and Queens

My exhibition showcases paintings of famous monarchs. The key points in these pieces of art is the way they show off the monarch. The paintings were used as propaganda to display power or silence any questions people had about the King or Queen. 

This painting of Marie Antoinette the last Queen of France with her oldest daughter and her son, the heir of France, was created to show the Queen as more of a mother figure. Propaganda to quite the rebellion that was starting to form because of the royal families expensive way of life.
This piece of Charles the 1st displays massive amounts of power. He is elevated above everything in the picture. He appears to be the knight in shinning armor. I believe that is more of a metaphor to the hero he is for the public. Making this both a display of power and propaganda.
The painting of King Henry the 8th's third wife was created the year of their marriage. Jane Seymour is depicted to be perfect christian mother for the next heir.Since there was still turmoil over the last Queen of England this piece reassure the nation.
The painting of the King and Queen of Spain shocked at the findings of Christopher Columbus. Although this painting was painted over a century later than the actual event it celebrates the accomplishments of Columbus and gives ode to the Monarchs that made that mission possible.
The portrait of the Queen of Spain was painted a year after her marriage to her Uncle the King of Spain. She dressed in the finest. Covered head to toe in pearls and golden thread. She is beautiful, but propaganda all the same because Queen Anne shows off all her money in her clothes. She is saying she is rich and she is powerful.
King James became king only thirteen months after he was born, The country knew the boy king was not ruling. However, paintings like this were made in an effort to show that the child was intelligent and cultured. In this piece he is shown with a hawk, used for hunting, a skill most people learned when they were slighter older than the King is here.
This lovely Queen of Sweden is seen here adoring her son. The point made here is that as a mother she excelled. She not only loves her son but wants the best for his future. In this aspect Edelfelt celebrates her care in planning the future marriage of her son.
Mary the Queen of England is shown in this piece. She is made to seem very dignified. The way she appears is very powerful but not in a overstated way. However her power and status are still being implied therefore relates to the gallery.
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