Excellent Texture in Art Pieces Found in Museums

Pieces with great use of texture in them, from 3D art to Paintings. All pieces are or have been showcased in museums in the United States.

The entire piece is covered with texture but the most intricate piece is the bird atop the dish. The feathers are carved and layered identically to that of a real bird.
I feel that when working with ornate materials like silver, it's critical to make ornate designs into the piece. The Coffee Pot has carvings towards the bottom to make the texture as rich as the material.
This is difficult to see, but the stars above the eagle seemed to punched out of the material. When handling the piece the metal in between the stars would bevel inward making a texture between the stars.
Continuing the trend of silver, this piece is the perfect depiction of the phrase texture in a 3D piece. Still ornate like the material, i can describe the physical feel of the piece without touching it.
At first glance i thought this to be a photo, but it is an oil painting on a canvas. A painting should look how the subject would physically feel. Even with this being a 2D image, Im able imagine how it would feel to touch it.
Another 2D piece. This image of an aged Marilyn Monroe really succeeds in its effort to look like a photo. The skin has such realistic detail and because of that you know it would what it be like to touch it.
Back to 3D art pieces, these seahorse candlesticks are great pieces to showcase texture because of their sculpted bodies and the dips in the squares, and the raised lines indicating the pattern.
This piece of a tribal man on a horse is heavily textured. The skin of the man and the horse are smooth, but all of the clothes and decorations the man wears are all adorned with their own pattern and texture; possibly imitating the material the items are made from in reality.
This piece is actually an etching. It uses a a technique of giving each different material in the scene a different pattern of lines. This image reminds me of the basic texture ideas we would learn in art class during grade school.
This piece is among the top three pieces in this virtual gallery that exemplifies texture the best. On the surface of this "vessel" there carvings of possible symbols and in the background of those symbols there is a crosshatched pattern that may have served as a better gripping surface for carrying.
This piece is has textures of the subtle variety. The vase itself is a smooth surface but the vines and flowers, along side the artist's name are raised to give it the slightest bit of texture.
The Loving Cup is another top piece in the gallery that shows texture. The amount of detail the artist was able to carve into the silver gave incredible depth to the piece. The detail alongside the raised and lowered pieces of silver really shine on this piece.
This is another 2D piece, but i thought it achieved such detail in the giant rocks in the background that i could describe touching the surface of those rocks. The piece looks how it would feel in real life.
Nearing the end of the virtual art gallery their is another 3D piece that is textured but in a simple manner. The handle of this butter knife is spiraled with a smooth feel and a carving of leaves toward the end of the handle.
Finally, another "top 3" piece in the gallery is the Good Samaritan Pitcher. The details are ornate alongside the silver it was made from. The carvings are deep and precise to make a beautiful textured surface.
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