Not so quiet on the Western front by Erich Maria Remarque

Sophie Azula

Selected Epigraph "Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind." I chose this quote, spoken by John F. Kennedy, because I think it represents the mentality of the soldiers during the war. It seemed to them as if death was inevitable, and that the war could continue forever. Although this picture is from the seecond World War, I think that it still displays the tragedy that comes with every war. The death and the horror are all encased in this picture.
Universal Theme Innocence, sacrifice, warfare. All of these are themes that I see in both the book and in the face of this young girl, but the one that I think relates the most is mortality. In the book the author shows how soldiers were simply thought of as numbers and figurative people that were easily replaceable. It is as if the men are figurines in a game, and they are using them as game pieces, not humans.
Tone Tragedy, isolation, and devastation. These are all themes that are included in this book, and they are all present in this picture. As the soldiers are suffering, they are becoming emotionally detached. Paul states “Our feelings are dead- we are robots. How else could we go on?”, and it seems as if this is the only way to survive in war.
Histroical Setting This book takes place in 1916, in World War One. The setting changes from the warfront to the camp, and even to Paul's home where he visits his sick mother. This gun is one produced by Germany, and it was used on the Eastern Front during World War Two.
Connection A connection I found from this book was the innocence of the school boys that were fighting in the war. The boys only joined the war because they were told it was the right thing to do, and that if they didn’t fight for their country, that they didn’t love their country. I found that this resembled the innocence of the firefighters in Fahrenheit 451. The firefighters only burned down the houses because they were told that was the right thing to do, and doing anything opposing it had severe implications that they didn’t believe in the destruction of books.
A Day In The Life This vase is one created from galss bottles that are taken from a house that was bombed and destroyed.I think that this shows how something beutiful can come from something destructive.
Mandala This picture shows the isolation that the soldiers were feeling while they were fighting the war. They felt as if they were the only ones left in the world, and that theere was nothing else to hope for.
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