Joey's Ancient egyptian art exhibit

This is a canopic jar that was used in the mummification process by a higher person in the social class.
This shows a priest who has to talk to the gods and make peace with them for the pharaoh. This was the priests job.
This is Ushabti lady of the house. The woman would always stay at home and care for the children and house in Ancient Egypt while the husband went to work. The woman did have more rights than how other social ranks were.
This silver and alloy mirror is a very nice looking mirror. It was probably used by a pharaoh or Priest because a farmer or slave would not have this nice of a mirror if they had one at all.
This is a spoon with a Jackal handle on it and looks to be made of bronze. I would think a person of the middle rank would have this like a scribe or craftsman.
This a big cup or bucket that looks to be made of blue clay. It could have been used by a slave and they used it to bring water to there owner or get water from the Nile.
This is a toilet box most likely used by a pharaoh or priest. They used it to have a area to go to the bathroom right by them.
This vase looks very nice and was most likely a higher rank that owned it. A pharaoh might have had it by it's bed or as a decoration.
This sculpture of a nobleman was owned by a nobleman and was probably a self portrait he had made for himself.
This frog looks like a decoration for someone or possibly a kids art work. I'd think this was not very valuable and owned by anyone if they wanted it.
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