Dinner for Five

By Anna Jones

Dinner will be served at Omaha Beach in Normandy because it was the turning point of World War II and it inspired America to keep on fighting.
Menu: Appetizer: Yeast rolls and butter Entree- Fried Alligator Sides- Make your own Salad Bar Dessert- Mississippi Mud Cake.
My first person is Rosie the Riveter. I invited her because she inspired America during WWI. My question for her is: How did you inspire women to get whatever job they wanted during wartime?
My second guest is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. My question for him is: How did you inspire America during World War II and keep their hopes up? I invited him because he was one of America's best presidents.
My third guest is Adolf Hitler. I asked him this question: Why did you inspire Germany to take over the world and kill all the Jews? I invited him because he was inspirational to Germany and was shaped our history.
My final guest is Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. My question for him is: What made you want to travel to the moon and be the first person to walk on it? I invited him because he inspired America when he walked on the moon and he is very loved by citizens.
My Group Question is: How did you inspire the people you knew and are you glad with the effect that came from said inspiration?
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