Civil Rights Movement 


This is a picture of the March on Washington. Over 200,000 people gathered on the streets in Washington for a protest.
This is picture of Martin Luther King Jr. He is meeting with other famous african-american men.
This is a picture of a button from The March for Freedom. It is connected to the March on Washington.
This is a button for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. This button spreads the word for Nonviolent actions towards african-americans or anyone in general.
This picture is of Martin Luther King at a press conference. He is sitting in a meeting in the Bancroft Library when this picture was taken.
This is another picture of the March on Washington. They were marching for equal rights and jobs.
This is a picture of children in a rally. This rally is for those who were lost in the Birmingham bombings.
The Market Street in this picture is full of protesters. They are marching for human rights.
This is a picture of the KKK. The KKK was a group of white men who would go around killing and harming african-americans.
This picture is also of a rally. They are protesting and fighting for those who died in the bombing.
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