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Art project for ART 262, some of my favorite art pieces.

In the traditional Chinese society a cedar is mainly respected for its longevity, but it can also symbolize one's father. This ink on paper piece of art known as the Cedar Tree, Day Lily, and Wagtails, was made in the early 1700 hundreds. It holds such simple beauty with soft lines which were typical for the artist Bada Shanren and his later work.
I love how this piece has some black and white to it and color. It is by far one of my absolute favorite pieces! Not much information on this piece besides that it was painted by Lambert Sustris in the si*teenth century. With the dimensions of w84 * h83 cm. I would love to research it more and find out the story behind the piece because I really like the colors and te*ture in it.
I really like this artist, he is fairly new to the art scene, comparing him to my other pieces from centuries ago. It reminds me of something from the movie and story of Alice in Wonderland. I am guessing by all the vivid colors mixed together. The artist used a way of everything in his painting to be melting, its an absolute beautiful technique and painting! Its really abstract from his normal work.
Of course I had to add one of my favorites, the Starry Night. It has a lot of history, and I even have a poster of it in my room. Van Gogh's night sky is a field of roiling energy. Below the exploding stars, the village is a place of quiet order. He stated that looking at the sky always makes him dream, which is an amazing quote.
I found this painting by Georges Seurat in an art project gallery of works from the 1850-1920s. Its amazing how similar and different the works were between that time. I find this painting beautiful because its sutle with the dark colors. The artist used light colors such as this one in a lot of his work.
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