This is an oil painting done on a canvas by Vincent van Gogh. He painted this picture looking out the window of the asylum he was in at the time. This is what is looked like before sunrise. He also included what he might consider a perfect village on the ground.
Stonehenge is a monument in England. It is made up of several different types of rock, and some considered to be bluestone. It has been gradually changed over time, but still continues to try to be kept as original as possible. Some consider it to be sacred grounds while others believe it was simply used as a burial ground.
The Mona Lisa is an oil painting on a form of paper panel painted between 1503-1506. This was Leonardo's depiction of a woman, and he tried to portray her in the most serious of ways. This is one of his most famous paintings that he was known for.
This is another very famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. This was supposed to be Jesus with his disciples at Jesus's last supper. It was painted with Tempera paint on resin, and although people have tried to restore it many time, there is very little of the actual paint left on it.
This is an oil painting on canvas painted by Claude Monet. He created this pond on his property, and has painted several different paintings of the pond. This painting was made in 1899.
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