This painting is interesting to me because of the distortions of the human body as well as Christ's very prominent and descriptive facial expression.
I have always loved Degas' work because of the movement in each of his paintings. You could press play on this piece and imagine this dancer getting up and performing her piece in front of thousands.
I saw this piece in Washington D.C. about 5 years ago and it was my favorite piece in the National Museum of Art. The detail is exquisite and the stance of the girl is so realistic.
Another reason why I love Degas is the choice of colors in each painting. Each dancer painting tells a different story with the colors Degas chose, whether its a dance of anger, joy, love, etc.
While I was in Amsterdam earlier this year, I had the pleasure of seeing one of Monet's Portal of Rouen Cathedral. I love the differences in light that Monet portrays in these paintings.
This painting has so much life to it. It reminds me of the final scene of the newest Les Miserables-- a scene of victory, excitement, controlled and beautiful chaos, and love.
The details of this painting make this painting so realistic. The different levels of mountains and the depth of how far they go back, as well as the fog rolling over them, makes it life like.
I love the colors of this painting. Wild always had a great way of making his paintings come to life with the sharpness of his strokes and the boldness of the colors.
This is such a classic painting portraying the everyday life of a woman in the 17th century. I love the colors Vermeer chose, as well as his ability to make it life like and dynamic.
Another classic famous paining, I love the depth added to this piece as well as the shadows and movement. This piece depicts what every Sunday afternoon should look like.
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