Behind the art of texture

When I had found this piece, I thought that it was a prime example of texture based on the direction of the sand in the wind. The artist did a very good job conveying the environment, all with sand.
The giraffe is beautiful, everything down to the shading of the fur, to the plains it's standing in. The tree's also have wonderful value to texture.
What I fell in love with most with this composition, is the important eye to detail, especially where texture is concerned. Everything from the intricate carving of the walls, to the beautiful draped fabric of the curtains.
If there's anything about this composition that screams texture, it's her hair. The artist took great care to get individual strands to stand out, allowing it for a crisp look so that it looks like a REALISTIC head of hair.
It was the fur in this piece that really caught my eye. If you look closely, the artist has a sense of light strokes that gives the weight of each hair, a little more depth.
One of my favorite pieces in this gallery. Reminescent of Caravaggio, this composition displays a highly dramatic, but beautifully painted piece. The shine on the armor, and the lighting of their clothes and the walls shows great attention to detail.
The bright display of colors, and the unique stippling effect gives this composition a light, but beautiful air to it. I like the texture of the cobblestone wall just behind the gardener.
The fact that the roses LOOK almost real is what drew me most to this piece. The same for the use of texture in the table, where a reflection can be seen of the flowers above.
An old painting, with significant value to texture. The fur on their clothes seems spot on, and the lighting adds to the beauty of the objects displayed within this composition.
You can tell this artist loved clothes just by noticing the immense amount of work put into the man's robes. Based off the highlighting and shapes, the cloth is silk, and the artist portrays that very well.
The shading of his skin, the soft glow of his outfit, and the attention of detail to the plants makes this a stunning example of an artist with an eye for texture.
I'm fond of things that have to do with spectres truth be told, and the texture of their clothes, as well as the light around the ghost, makes me love this piece even more.
The highlighting of the skin and the carvings into the seat of Madonna makes this a prime choice for this gallery.
I'm a fan of anything having to do with the Divine Comedy, and Demonology. When I looked at this piece, was I was drawn to the different looks and textures of the demons, and how the saint adds a soft glow in light of the situation.
Most certainly my second favorite piece. At first I was pulled in by the clever and well done color scheme, but then I noticed the water. The ripples look spot on, and the entire air to the painting really feels like a port where ships would take off to sail.
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