Animal Spirit

My name is Andres Castaneda Munoz and this is a gallery focused on two things, the shape and nature, specifically  animals. I wanna let the world know how the essence and spirit of different animals has been embodied in different mediums from different cultures, from common objects to small sculptures.

This incense box is a perfect representation of animal spirit. it looks tender and adorable which is a strong representation of the rabbit's essence.
This bottle depicts the patience of goose. It is in a cozy position and make you want to feel the same way. There, just living the moment.
This Mantis sculpture depicts how simple is the mantis. But, even with its simplicity it is really beautiful and elegant.
This bowl depicts the grace and beauty of deer, but at the same time we can see how the red stains represent the cruelty of their lives.
This bamboo crab depicts how resistant and firm is the crab. It is in a classic pose which allows to appreciate how beautiful is this small animal.
This sculpture is based in a fantastic animal, It does a good work using flames and a big head to show power. Also, in its pose it seems like it is looking at you.
This Bronze statue depicts the strength and power of panther. The golden lines on its entire body make it looks almost magical catching the eye into his trap.
These are two very creative earrings. They used one of the antelope horns to create the curvy shape of the earring and adding a nice detail putting the antelopes head at the top.
This chandelier depicts how animals interact with the world we created. In this case is a Boa surrounding a chandelier creating an interesting aura in the ambient.
This figure depicts the simplicity of animals. The animals have their own essence and we do not need so many details to feel and know that we are in front of one.
Credits: All media
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