Faire l'amour et la paix

I chose the theme love and peace for my gallery. I chose this theme because I love looking at paintings about those ideas and with those feelings.

To me this picture shows the quiet side to life. It is a nice, peaceful village on a mountian -side. I love the feeling of peace and tranquility of the artwork and that is way it is in my gallery.
I love looking at this picture because there is so much peace and love in it. I find the love in all of the different groups of people sitting and standing together. I think it is a really beautiful picture and I like the fact that there is no fire, war or destruction. It is very tranquil in my opinion.
I believe that this piece of artwork shows so much peace and love. I get the feeling of love from the mother and daughter in the centre of the picture. I get the feeling of peace from the girl that is sitting down on the right side of the picture, it looks as if nothing can harm or upset her and that is why this picture is in my gallery.
This picture looks like a bunch of gods just sitting back and relaxing. I think the people look as if nothing could possibly go wrong. I look at this and I immediatly see peace because of the light blue background and white, fluffy clouds.
When I first saw this picture it reminded me of the story, Little Women. The story is about four sisters, ranging in age, that love each other deeply and that is what I thought when I saw this picture.
To me this picture is a bit like a peaceful day looking at the relationship between the wind and the autumn leaves. I think it is a very, very peaceful piece of artwork and it is a very tranquil painting.
I chose this picture because the girl looks very peaceful. She is a beautiful young lady and she looks as if nothing could hurt her or make her sad.
I think this is one of the most peaceful artworks that I have seen. It is just so beautiful and peaceful. It shows a beautiful beautiful buildings in a country setting next to a big lake. I like how there are two people overlooking the lake on the right side of the artwork.
When I can look at this artwork i can see love between the sisters , younger and older. I would imagine that the older sister would be very protective of the younger sister adn the younger sister would probably be carefree.