Emotions in Color

The colors in this piece are very soft, and they give a feeling of preciousness to the little girl in the center.
These colors are a bit harder to read, which definitely makes the name "Hidden Emotion" very appropriate for the piece.
Pink is a beautiful color, and it gives a feeling of love or playful mischief. It makes this piece more fun to view.
The use of very bright, warm colors gives this painting emotions such as anger and frustration. The colors are very appropriate for the figure's expression.
The massive amounts of color used to create this piece make it much louder and more attractive.
Yellow is a very strange color. This picture has a very strange emotion behind it, but I'm not entirely sure what it is. In my opinion, this particular piece seems to have a negative vibe.
In this case, the emotion comes from a lack of color. The title "Equilibrium" coincides well with the gray and blue-ish tones in the painting. I feel more so at piece when I view this piece.
Purple and blue are cool colors, so as opposed to warm colors, they give this painting more of a gloomy or laid back emotion.
The excessive use of blue gives this painting a more sad and lonely feeling to it.
This painting is almost entirely black. It seems angry, dark, or evil. It would certainly change things if this piece were orange or red instead.
There is plenty of emotion in this piece already, because there are two figures kissing. However, the extreme darkness of the colors gives it a much more intimate feel.
The boldness of a red tree on a blue background is very interesting to look at. Red generally symbolizes things such as bravery, loyalty, love, secrecy, caution, etc. Blue for the most part symbolizes sadness or calmness. Contrasting colors create contrasting emotions.
What used to be white walls, are now very colorful and vibrant walls. This room is bright and passes along a feeling of fun and excitement to the painting.
This painting confuses me a bit. Clearly, neither the colors nor the style were meant to be realistic. But the color selection is interesting, and makes this piece appear to be very emotional. Perhaps a blue, sad musician... a mellow yellow woman sitting in the grass...
This painting has lots of pink in it. Also, it has many hearts as well. Not to mention, there are plenty pinches of red scattered all over the piece. It certainly gives a feeling of love, affection, or simply just pleasure.
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