Russia 1905

After Bloody Sunday, the russians have had enough. Russia exploded in revolution. By: Luis Da Cruz and Humberto Alvarez

January - 400.000 workers were on strike. The peasants and the workers were demanding less working hours and provide minimum wages. Assasinations became more common. The government had no control.
February - The strikes spread to other countries. The Tsar´s uncle was assasinated. March and May - Russian were defeated by the japanese. The citizens became angered and saw the Tsar as incompetent.
May and June - Different groups where demanding changes.Middle class liberals demanded an elected parliament, freedom of speech and the right to form poitical parties.
Jiune and July - peasant riots bece widespread. Land was seized to landowners´ houses were looted and burned. October - a general strike spread from Moscocw to other cities.
In October 15th the st.Petesburg soviet of workers deputies was formed. Representatives from factories met to coordinate strike action.Soviets where formed in other cities.
The Tsar had to choose of giving in or using force, with the likelihood of massive bloodshed. He gave in and issued the October Manifesto.
This promised: -a parliament or Doma elected by the people -civil rights_eg. freedom of speech -uncensored newspapers and the right to form political parties.
December - Tsar felt strong enough to take back the control. He used force to close down St.Petesburg Soviet and armed uprising in Moscow. He sent out troops to take revenge on workers and peasants.
Tsar Nicholas II
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