What Purple Represents

By: Andrew Klein

The color purple is a symbol of nobility and royalty.
Here is a portrait of the King of Sweden wearing purple clothing, showing his status and power.
A gown from the late 19th century, which would be worn at formal gatherings are balls by a women with wealth.
An overcoat from István Esterházy's wardrobe, a man from a wealthy Hungarian family.
A Chinese robe to have a grandeur and creative feeling to it.
This purple sash seems like it would be worn by a professor or someone knowledgeable or with great wisdom.
Here is a mannequin wearing a gown a woman would wear when going out at night to a party or a show.
A woman's turban hat the gives a peaceful vibe.
A vase using very different forms of purple, showing the relationship between the colors red and blue, making the vase seem luxurious.
Because of the use of purple, it makes this piece mysterious and almost sort of magical.
The artist changed a piece of the record player and made it into a purple flower, plus with the addition of the grassy plain, cat, and butterflies make it a very calm and peaceful piece to look at.
Just like the last piece, the artist changed the piece of the record player into a purple flower, again giving it a very peaceful vibe.
The use of purple here gives it a sense of importance and almost noble like because the main object is a bundle of grapes.
In this landscape, the artist uses purple for the mountains to give it a mix between peaceful and mysterious vibes.
The graffiti artist incorporates purple to represent his independence and his creativity.
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