Art history

Daniel Villacis

I really like the use of the line to make this full detail composition. Also it's a tile pice, which I tend to like.
I really like this water color painting because it is so highly detailed. Also the scenery is beautiful. The use of color makes the landscape feel earthy.
Another landscape painting that is extraordinarily beautiful with the use of its line, texture and color. This piece reminds me of the autumn in the back country of Upstate New York.
I really like this piece because the contrast between the line and color is pretty amazing. Also the contrast between the blue and yellow is well put together.
This other landscape painting, is a vertical and I like it because its an asian style painting. The heacy use of line makes the composition look a little flat. But it is still good.
I like this landscape painting because it uses dark color and contrast, to make the composition.
I like this landscape work of art because it is in asian style. Also the pure use of line makes the composition that much more memorable.
I like this water color painting because the contrast used between the the paint and the background. Also you could almost see the texture of the cloth, which is hard to depict.
I like this particular painting because it is a spray painting. The colors used and concept of the painting is pretty well.
I also like this piece of spray paint art because the use of its texture use in the scales. Also line weight and color make this composition that much better.
I love this painting because it is abstract along with having pointlism within the composition which gives it a lot of texture. I just like the blue on the black and white background.
I like this painting because it depicts the Colosseum in a cool perspective. Also heavy contrast depicting a lot of shadows.
The black and and white contrast within this composition is pretty trippy. Also all stripes and dots and shadows make a nice texture.
I really likes this composition because of its use of color and lines. The focal point of this painting is pretty eye catching.
I like this painting because the line and use of texture in the composition. For some reason the contrast between the white and black is pretty good.
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