The Elements Of Art

Line, Color, Value, Space, Texture, Form, Shape----Maggie Wadsworth

Line is shown in this piece. The brush strokes create movement, and direct the viewer's eyes. Everything is tied together, creating unity. The lines are very expressive, and help us to see the emotion and force the artist put into each stroke.
This piece exhibits color really well. The colors are very bold and contrast eachother. There isn't value in this, there are solid colors on each separate shape. The colors are very pure and bright.
This piece shows value because there are tints, shades, and tones of the different hues of reds and warm colors. This creates different values of the colors, and it gives the flowers shape. The different values make the still life look more realistic, showing the light and dark areas that are present in reality.
This exhibits space really well. The road is the positive space, and the grass surrounding it is the negative space. The focus is on the road, but your eye drifts from the foreground to the middleground, and then on to the background. It gives the illusion that the road keeps going on, by making it become narrower and lighter as it fades into the background.
This shows texture not only on it's surface, but also how it appears. The brushstrokes bring transformations and variations to the flat surface with the use of oil paint. The texture of certain areas really tells us what the artist wanted to emphasize.
This is an interesting example of form. The sculptor didn't want the traditional rendition of the form of a body, he wanted to express the love for humanity and nature. The body's form is very realistic, but parts of it are missing. This is 3D, and if you zoom in you'll see the face has no features, but the body is very detailed. This is an example of Charicature because if distorts the realistic image to make a statement about the person it portrays.(Humanity)
This is a good example of shape in art. The artist uses 2-dimensional organic shapes, which seem to follow no rules. There are a few geometric shapes in here as well. There is no value in these shapes, they are color blocks, so they don't appear 3D or to have form. The color scheme is repeated throughout with the same 4 colors.
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