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I saw this painting in Moscow and really ; I wish everyone could see it in person because it is enormous and fills a wall . It's larger than life and the brushstrokes, especially in the foliage in the background are the best part
John Singer Sarget is probably the best British/American portrait painter in history. He had a way with making fluid brushstrokes for clothing and then being very precise with faces, obviously the center of attention in a portrait (al last most of the time). This painting in particular is interesting because in the original version, the should strap on the dress was falling off her left shoulder. It was much too sexual for this woman who was the young wife of a rather old prominent member of high London society. So in order to fix the dress strap, Sargent had to make the left arm twist the strange way that it does.
This is probably in some opulent room in Versailles. It's whatever to the French aristocrats wh o lived there are were used to this kind of opulence... But to people like us, this ceiling painting is a fantastic example of dramatic lighting and skilled use of perspective that makes this flat surface look as if it;s receding farther into space.
Caravaggio was cray (see very worthwhile video below on his life and art). And really this painting is incredible since it really shows Caravaggio's mastery of light and shadow to the point where medusa's head looks like it's real. And it's fanatsically dramamtic. Love it!
So funny story about this entire room: the man that commissioned Whistler to paint this room HATED the result. And the owner of this room refused to pay Whistler. It's a miracle now that the room still exist intact. It now is viewed as one of best examples of interior design.
So this painting is in Art Hum, so learn as much as you can here about it and then dazzle your professor with your knowledge of it. This painting is meant to be a moralizing picture with all the various scenes representing different Dutch Proverbs from the time of Bruegel. Like the one in center with the woman putting the blue cloak on the man. Apparently that means she's unfaithful... (And if you call it "The Fleet Fox album cover) in front of me, we're no longer going to be friends.)
John Constable is really cool because he was painting during the time in England when the Industrial Revolution was the defining aspect of society.In order to get people of that more technological age to not forget/appreciate nature, he painted hyper realistic landscapes . Look closely at the foliage for example; each leaf gets attention from Constable and his tiny paint brushes.
There is something absolutely creepy about this painting. Which is why I find it interesting. Apparently these tow women are twins and then they gave birth to children on the same day.
Personally, this is the best part of the Islamic galleries at the Met. A picture of this was my phone background for a while. So if you are unfamiliar with what the purpose of the Mirhab niche is, it is a structure in a moque that is on the East side of the inside of the building. It is meant to indicate the direction of Mecca. On this particular Mirhrab niche, the colors of blue and green are meant to be a reflection of the lush colors of paradise. And the script around the edges is most likely passages from the Qu'ran
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