One point Perspective Examples

The ten pictures in the folloing gallery show one-point perspective and the fore, middle, and background of each.

The foreground are the small plants and bushes along the bank. The middle ground is the river and the background is the land towards the very back.
The foreground are the people and cattle on the path. The middle ground is the town square and houses. In the background are mountains.
The foreground is the front of the bed and the chair. The middle ground is the closet door. the background is the far wall with the window and pictures.
The foreground is the giant cypress tree. The middle ground is the city below and the background is the mountains .
The foreground is George Washington himself and the middle ground is the table behind him. The background includes the windows, pillars, and drapes.
The foreground are the large trees, grass, and flowers in the very front. The middle ground are the two figures. TH background are the trees that appear behind the figures.
Foreground is the pathway leading into the middle ground that is the small village. The background once again are mountains.
The foreground is the gondola and the middle ground includes other gondolas and the building lining the canal. The background is the main part of the city and the end of the canal.
The foreground are the man and girl. The middle ground is the person right behind them next to the burning brushwood. The background are the two girls.
The foreground is the young knight. The middle ground is the other knight on horseback and the castle to the left. The background is a landscape.
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