Depictions of lions and lionesses throughout the years. Including sketches, finished pieces, wall murals and a figurine. I have included many different styles as well. By Ashley Long

A sketch of two lions from artist Theodore Gericault. The theme of this gallery is lions so, every image will contain a lion or two. These image appears to have two lions cantering by each other.
This is a depiction of a lion and lioness snarling at each other by George Stubbs. Seems to be an oil painting as well.
This is one of my favorite pieces I picked out personally. It seems to be either colored pencil or conte crayon. It is simply a bust of a lion but it is one of my favorites.
Our first solo lioness piece I do believe, a study by John Frederick Lewis. Might be cooled pencil and has a lot of expression to it. Very good piece overall.
Maybe a story piece, I like this one a lot. I like the position of the lion compared to the other subjects in the image. I also really like the head of the lion, I like its style.
I really enjoy the color on this piece. It has a big variety of color compared to the other pieces I picked. I also really think the position of the lion is interesting. Another favorite of mine.
Another colored pencil or conte crayon piece. I am fond of drawings that have a hatched style to them like this one. Great piece overall.
These next two pieces seem quite similar. I like this one more personally, it seems more finished and newer.
This piece seems very similar to the previous but is facing the other way. Also these two pieces seem to be mural pieces. Probably large in scale. Note the many similarities between the two pieces.
Here is a statue of a lion, by Antoine Louis Barye. Not quite sure what this piece is made out of but it is one of the best figurine pieces I have seen of a lion in the gallery, in my opinion.
Credits: All media
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