Color schemes

The primary colors in this picture are not very close together and they space out the brighter parts of the picture from the parts that are boring and dull.
The secondary colors in this picture make the picture sort of come alive and make everything flow together. They work together to create excitement and movement.
The way that the complementary colors are all in the same picture helps the movement come alive and really flow throughout the whole thing, and they all reflect off of each other.
This picture is monochromatic, so it is all basically one color, and it does not have much going on in it.
The black and white in this picture makes it dull and boring, yet simple at the same time.
This was made up of analogous colors, so they all worked together with each other and blended the picture together to create one big thing.
This is made up of cool colors, mostly blue. It gives the picture a sense of calmness, and there isn't much going on.
This is made up of warm colors, mostly red and yellow. Even though there is nothing going on, it gives a sense of excitement.
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