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I chose this piece Feels Like Home Ev Gibi as the art for delight. The bright colors are very inviting to the eye. The common color is red and is used in a monochromatic manner.The details of the ceiling flow with the aesthetics. It gives you a sense of calmness looking beyond the colorful walls to see the city. The view makes you wonder what is on the other side of the water. The wood around the door and windows allow the light to enhance the colors and you also see a silhouette of the squares. The medium for this painting is digital photography.
I chose Tournament and Hunting Scenes for art as commentary because it depicts the sacrifice of these figures. I feel as if the artist is trying to convey to the viewer that peace has come to the city after the dueling battle. The colors are very appealing as well. The softness of the city at the bottom. It depicts that they have hunted their prey and will go home to prepare their meal. The artist clearly is taking us to this place and time of the events that have went on. The painterly technique is used in this painting. It's combining all the soft colors yet the painting is fierce at the same time. The medium is oil and paint.
I chose this piece for art in worship and ritual. This sculpture is a part of the Egyptian era of 380-343 BC. The detailed craftmanship is amazing. This represents a craft that floated on The Nile. It was used in religious processions and ceremonies. If you look closely there is an inscription at the base of the boat. This was to cover them with protection of the Gods. The two figures are standing at the entrance of the boat as if they are protecting someone inside. They look as if they are Egyptian goddesses. The figure at the very top of the boat seems to be calling out to the Gods. The medium is bronze.
I chose the Hanukkah Lamp as an art for commemoration. Hanukkah is known as the Festival of Lights, which is a Jewish holiday. This holiday represents the victory of the Jews over their Greek rulers. The lamp represents this commemorative event because when they wanted to rededicate the Holy temple there was only enough oil for one day. But somehow the oil that was left lasted 8 days. The details of the pillars are beautifully textured. There are 8 holes where the candles are to be lit to represent each day. The medium used is copper, sheet metal,cast wood, and iron.
I chose this piece as an art for persuasion. It grabs your attention by having the Mcdonalds logo on the buttons. The colors are an eye catcher as well. This photograph was part of a political campaign. I'm thinking maybe the politicians last name was McDonald. If I was a voter I would think this meant the candidate is a rip-off, promotes torture, and is for censorship. This form of persuasion is used in politics regularly to get voters to go against the beliefs of candidates. This is featured as a part of the British Council which feature contemporary art that uses printmaking, photographs, and new media.
I chose this piece as self expression because it really makes you look into what the artist is trying to express to the viewer. It is simple but complex. There is a young girl that may have had a bad experience in that house. She has a pencil in her hand that may be representing her about to erase the pain away. The male figure is boarding up the door to the house letting her know that she no longer has to live there. He's protecting her. The red walls and blue windows of the house may represent justice for the little girl living in the USA. The medium for this is crayon, spray paint, stencil, aerosol, and paint.
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