I choose a #FILM inspired theme exhibition for the ASSIGNMENT: Google Art Gallery project for Professor Carter's Art History class.  Each of the paintings, photos, and or art pieces are connected towards a film or is influenced from the format medium in a subtle or direct reference.  #FILMisforever

This piece suggests to me what film perforations are on a film stock. In a digital world, film is not a common format anymore. The shapes of the six boxes form a perfect perforation unit.
Star Trek Generations comes to mind for this piece. There's a contrast between light and dark. The emphasis and movement towards the sunrise or dawn is balanced center of the piece. #MakeItSo
My impression of seeing this piece was Pirates of the Caribbean (2003). The cove has a pattern in the water that directs the eyes the the left. The sepia color adds to the look. #PirateYeBeWarned
This piece reminds me of Cast Away (2000). The emphasis of the person in the water draws me directly to him. The color of the ocean also pulls my attention towards the pattern of the waves. #Wilson
This piece reminds me of the movie, Minority Report (2002). The transparent display has many shapes, line, and space emphasizing the future movie technology.
This piece reminds me of Norma Rae (1979). The aisle is balanced with the many workers and sewing machines on both sides. #Strike
For obvious reasons, I choose Psycho (1960) for this piece. The is a nicely well done scaled replica model of the actual Bates house from the movie.
The blocks from this photo remind of the movie, Inception (2010). Each block is spaced and lined up in a uniform fashion. Perhaps the dream is collapsing.
The Birds (1963) comes to mind with this piece. The birds overhead emphasis the action and eye movement towards their flight path.
Hikes, stairs! Hitchcock's classic, Vertigo (1958), comes to mind when I see this piece. The stairs perfectly align to form frames. The patterns also direct my eyes in a clockward fashion.
Credits: All media
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