Through the kaleidoscope

Color is such an everyday occurrence in our lives that most of us tend to forget just how important it is. Colors have helped us survive, thrive, feel, and think for centuries and no one knows better how to use color than artists.This gallery showcases works of art and artists that utilize color to emphasize a mood, story, or theme. 

Chagall's ceiling painting is a brilliant example of the use of color to capture emotion. He uses pure vibrant colors to tell the different stories of famous composers' works.
This wood print shows that even a simple palette of color can make a big impression on the viewer. The artist's palette gives the scene a peaceful, serene feeling.
Taikan's painting expertly uses contrasting warm and cool colors for the tree and ocean to put the tree into focus.
This Chinese painting incorporates tradition and the western use of color to create something new and vibrant. The artists proves that just one color can be very expressive to the piece.
Farge's watercolor painting is reminiscent of Asian watercolor techniques but gives it value instead flat color. The way the colors flow gives the impression of the elegancy of nature.
Emily Carr's work has a central theme of Canadian landscapes and cultures, including the First Nations people. This watercolor gives a serene and almost mythical appeal.
This painting proves that colors don't have to be bold and foremost to make a well-colored painting. The subtle blending and use of color in this example makes it feel more real.
This is an example of impressionism, for the details on the horse and man are minimal and almost non-exsitant in the background. The myriad of colors and way they're blended gives a dream-like look.
The colors of this painting are most vibrant in the center where the parade is taking place. It is also the focus of the lighting so the viewer's eye is immediately taken to the parade.
The artists uses colors like yellow to give the painting a sunset setting. The yellow lighting also brings out the contrast of the scene so the colors are more rich.
This native chief uses color on the Thunderbird to put emphasis on important parts of the bird like the face and wings.
This work of art mixes the style of mosaics and Baroque filigree together to create a mix-matched painting. From a distance the piece looks like the depicting of a wave.
This abstract painting uses colors and angled lines to create a church stained glass effect. The bold colors give you the feeling that organ music should be playing from the artwork.
This abstract painting captures the colors at the moment when the sun rises. Dawn often gives the feeling of hope, new beginnings, and serenity; the colors enhance this.
This last work of art is a abstract painting of fire. The color is very vibrant and expressively bold, ranging from bright to dark and using warm and cool colors to express this.