Painting Color with Music -Tamara Seward

 My art gallery displays a blend of music and art. This gallery shows how many artists from different ages and cultures capture and express music during their time by combining musical instrument or elements in their artwork.

Coming across cosmic music: This piece of art is by an artist named Hee-Choung Yi's. Hee-Choung Yi's calls this artwork Coming across cosmic music. This artist used images that represent different things in the universe as instruments.
Rhythmic composition in yellow green minor This piece of art is by an artist named Roy de Maistre. This artist produced this painting in 1919. In this artwork Maistre expressed his perspective on how colors are in harmony in the color spectrum just like the notes in a musical scale.
This artwork is western painting by an artist Kim Jung-hyeon. This piece is called Farmer’s Music 1901-1953. This piece is an oil painting. The color the artist chooses to use in this painting is blue and white with a little bit of green and red. The image shows a group of people dancing while some play instruments.
This piece of art is by an artist named Eileen Monaghan Whitaker. This piece was created in 1990. There wasn’t much information on this artwork. I was drawn to this piece because it shows a man enjoying his time with his instrument. The artist uses neutral colors in the background then adds some bright pink and yellows and purple colors.
This piece of art is by an artist name Frans Floris de Vriendit. This painting is called Allegory of Music was created in 1570. The image shows lady sitting by a table holding an instrument and a slice of bread. This type of painting was popular during the renaissance and commonly known to have hidden messages.
This piece of art is called Buddhist apsara playing music dated 1 BC-1 AD. This medium is made from wood and was created in japan by unknown maker. The image shows a deep carving of a figure holding what seems to be some type of instrument while sitting on a flower. This piece captures the Buddhist culture and their perspective of music around that time.
This piece of art by Bartholomeo Bettera is called Still Life with Musical Instruments and Books. This artwork was created in the mid-17th century. This painting is a oil painting and shows a still image of a few musical instruments that was used during that time. The artist uses color contrast in this painting which allows certain items to stand out more than others.
Marcellus Laroon the younger created this piece of art in 1760. Laroon named the piece Musical Conversations. The image shows a very large group of musicians. Some are playing instruments, others seems to be talking with the person next to them. This piece did not have much information under its details about this history of this painting.
This piece of art was attributed to Willem de Keyser. This piece is made out of marble and shows all types of different musical instruments. The artist carved nice straight lines to create the strings for the violin instruments. Many artists during this time often created artwork combining music, poetry and art.
This piece of art is by L.Rossi created in 1850. Rossi named this piece The Music Party. This piece show a few musicians,which inclued two women playing their instruments.This medium is made with watercolors and the artist only used a touch of color in the floor pattern.