Rebecca L     http://tinyurl.com/kox98fe  I chose this theme because I thought It would just be kinda cool to do this. The exibit just is really walls, and walls happens to be my theme. Finally I just say from this art is really anything you feel it should be.

This belongs because I feel the walls in this this are very important to the sculpture.
I put this in my gallery because it's a room of multicolored walls. It just stood out to me.
This goes in my gallery because of symbolism. I'm a jew, that's a bema. It kind of means something to me right now.
This goes along with my exhibit theme because one it's a wall and two it's just cool, like your walking and you see this and your able to wonder what it means with out any of those captions "guiding" you
It feels so abstract yet so realistic that I was compelled to put it in my gallery.
Credits: All media
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