Perspective Through the eyes of many

A gallery that will be filled with different viewpoints of perspective in the artworks of several different artists and photographers. By: Kassandra Correa

A 2-point perspective piece that show the lines all facing in to directions. Added because of both the beauty in the coloring and because of the precision of their perspectives. A beautiful piece.
A photograph depicting a 1-point perspective of the Temple of Taffeh, who was used to house humans and animals. The one point would bring the eye to the statue that stands in the middle of the image.
In this eye catching painting, our eyes are drawn to the man walking into the room in the center of the image. I choose this image because of the colors and the use of 1-point perspective.
I choose this image for this gallery because of the 1-point perspective and because of the fact that its a picture rather than a painting containing perspective. The angle catches nice line movement.
I choose this image because of the off painting 1-point perspective to the far right of the painting. All the characters and items all match up to that perspective.
This image has a 1-point perspective that brings the eye to the top center of the image. I choose it because of this and the use of the photography, and coloring.
Here we have another image that has another off painting/picture perspective. This shows all the images on the wall falling into that perspective.
This image is another example that shows the 1-point perspective and I do believe that this image is another photograph, which is why I choose him.
For this image the perspective is a little less harder to see, but it is still there, and this is why I choose it. Our eyes are drawn into the canter if the box thats up against the wall.
For this image we have yet another 1-point perspective piece but in this one we have a lot of curves and angels that still line up to the the point. A great example for curved perspectives.
Here is an example of a 2-point perspective. For this image the lines line up now with both points, and it does so beautifully.
Here is a photograph of a slightly off screen 2-point perspective. This image is captured beautifully and shows the lovely decay of the stones one the monument.
For this image we have another a questionable perspective. I cant really tell is this is 1 or 2-point perspective but it is a beautiful piece of artwork.
For this final image we have a perspective that shows the hall collapsing inwards and darkening. A good example of an escaping point perspective.
Credits: All media
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