Symmetry in different forms of art

This gallery will show some symmetry along different types of art and time periods.

Both of the sides with all the details are symmetrical to each other.
There is a perfect circle symmetry in this work.
This work has obvious symmetry with the same shape and figures on both sides.
This piece of art have been made in a way so that each side of it looks the same.
All of the small details in this work are particular the same for each side.
We could see almost identical symmetry in clothing and jewelry in this piece of art.
In this work we could see symmetry of the faces on the sides.
On the sides of this painting we could see symmetry in apostles' number and poses.
There are identical forms for text on both sides that we could see in this memorial tablet.
José de Alíbar made his painting looks symmetrical because of placement of people on the sides of the table.
We could see some symmetry around the woman in the center.
Different things on this table placed to be in symmetry with other side.
If we will divide this painting into two parts they will be perfectly symmetrical to each other.
If we will divide this painting into two parts we will see that wings and body (except head) are symmetrical.
The same as previous work, we have an insect with sides that perfectly symmetrical to each other.
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