The Colorful Essence of Hip – Hop. The concept of the collection is to focus on colors, movement, music and the love artist display for Hip – Hop and other forms of urban music trough artwork particularly hip hop as in the early stages graffiti art was some what known to be one with the culture, and still gains acclaim for being viewed as a form of urban art by many artistic institutions.

A guitarist shown in motion embracing his natural passion for music. The artist uses a variety of concepts to bring the piece together, a array of vibrant colors the artist uses a variation of hues to support the overall depiction of the painting, the artist also uses a much deeper variety of colors to place emphasis on the guitarist and achieve a asymmetrical balance.
New york street graffiti artwork. The piece takes into account a number of different formal elements such as the lines the artist used a combination of curved thick and thin lines to create a geometric shape within the artwork. The artist then incorporates a variety of color to draw you in placed over a dark background to give viewers the illusion of dead space.
Pictured an oil on canvas painting portraying Christopher Wallace better know as Biggie Smalls a Brooklyn, New York recording artist. The artist uses light values to place emphasis on the light on his face to bring out the symmetry in which the artist wanted viewers to visualize when viewing the portrait in its entirety.
The photo shows one of the four pillars of Hip-Hop B-Boying known to be the physical representation of Hip Hop established in the 1980’s became synonymous with the urban hip hop culture. The artist uses an asymmetrical balance to create a vivid photo that catches the full essence of music in motion.
The photo shows another one of the four pillars of Dj-ing also referred to as turntablism which many believed to be aural representation of Hip Hop established in the 1980’s became a stable and remains on in many music events today. The artist places an emphasis on the Dj focusing on practicing his craft, as he wanted viewers to pay particular attention to him, as he is the focal point of the image.
The photographer catches hip-hop in its substantial state as it shows the enjoyment in motion it brings to those within its culture. The artist uses the natural form of the landscape to help capture the moment giving viewers the sight of unity in which attracts viewers to this photo as it gives it a sense of real in which many people can relate too.
The illustration portrays the joys of music and the happiness it brings using verbs and adjectives that relate to the experience and the changes music brings to its listeners. The artist uses many different concepts to make it visible to viewers by using rhythm and colors to draw viewers in but also establishing focus to show the joy it brings to individuals.
Graffiti showing people of an Asian culture listen to music. The artist uses two specific principals and elements which stand out above the others to me such as emphasis and color in combination as the artist uses a variation of similar tents and hues throughout the image but then inserts vibrant colors to draw the viewers attention on the intended focal point.
Artwork being displayed by many different artists in 5 Pointz located in Long Island City, Queens, and New York City. The artwork is comprised of many different concepts the most common being used are the incorporation of colors along with emphasis, many graffiti artist use theses to catch the eyes of viewers and passer byers and artist who come after tend to utilize emphasis as they would like their artwork to stand above others covering the mural.
Back to the basics graffiti artwork used to promote hip-hop / rap artist project entitled basic school. The artist utilizes the element of depth to help viewers focus on particular parts of the promotion. Incorporated with the depth is the principle of balance, the balance shows the mail illustration on the bodies to be in almost what appears to be a reflective symmetry.
Credits: All media
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