civil rights movement

This is a pennant for a march coming up. This march and pennant represents job creation.
This represents a march for freedom. Blacks were being treated unequally.
This was a march for both jobs and freedom for blacks. The blacks wanted the same treatment.
This represents of how blacks were created and viewed. They used the KKK as an example.
This was MLK. at a press confrence. He wanted equal rights for blacks and was an activist.
This is saying you are a civil rights marcher and participated in the one in D.C.
This is a photo of the march for jobs for blacks. They are marching for a purpose .
This a crowd for a bombing protest that happened. The bombings were killing blkacks.
This is MLK at a press confrence. He wanted equality.
This is MLKL arriving for a march. He flew in for it.
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