Malakius_Blaize_Color Paintings

This photo shows a vivid form of green in the painting which makes it pop. You can see that in the background a use of white is used to primarily make it look like the mountains are far away.
This painting shows a form of shading by the shadows being present throughout the piece. It also has a abstract form to it having an obscure shape and the lines being used.
I really liked this painting a lot the use of color with the water is very realistic. The painting looks almost like an animation. This painting used shading to cause this.
This painting looks that of a Renaissance era. It shows great color and depth while still focusing on the focal point of the painting which is the baby.
At first glance the painting looked like a disfigured birthday cake but once I really looked at it I can see the flowers that are growing in the field of the painting. This painting shows a tremendous amount of purple
I really liked this painting a lot. I myself am an abstract artist so I really enjoyed looking at this particular painting. Wassily Kandinsky used a great array of primary colors and shapes to bring about a really great work of art. Red and what seems to be a dark purple are mostly used in this painting.
This is a very defined and magnificent painting. The use of the color white primarily takes up the majority of the painting. In the painting we can see that a group of people are sewing a sail for a boat The use of shading is used very well by the definition in the wrinkles of the sail .
This painting looks really unique I like the way the artist uses brush strokers to form the basis of the painting
This painting was very abstract to me. It seems as though all of the lines are connected yet they all differ in shape. I think the symmetry that they all possess is unique and the artist uses a lot of primary colors in this painting
This painting shows a form of elegance and sensually. The artist uses dark green to incorporate this portrayal.
This painting incorporates how a woman perceives herself. There is a form of innocence shown in this painting and the artist uses the body-skin color to show this
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