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A face, a human face, with intimidating fangs set within an unnerving start of a grin or a grimace, a calculating furrowed brow and penetrating eyes...
It is unclear when she came into being. It is only known that she did. This goddess, from the Indus Valley with human features, struck an awe-some chord. Who was she? Who is she?
Human and yet not human. Four arms? Fangs? Perfect round breasts? Like a Victoria Secret model ravenous for lost years of nutrition.
It is Kali. The Hindu goddess of creation and destruction.
To see her in color is yet another unmistakable example of disarming (pardon the pun) incongruity--is she human?
Her actions suggest strong prejudices of racism and misandry. What horrible act did this sleeping pale man commit against her to warrant a trampling? Or is she performing an ancient Hindu massage?
In our Western culture today, we receive the walking-massage while prostrate. I can only imagine the trauma were I to be trod upon supinely. I think this may actually be a form of the Heimlich.
It makes better sense that this fanged blue "human" would attempt to aid a choking victim considering her own appetite. Horns and trunks most likely would encourage blockage.
How could you not choke with another charcoal fanged being cramming an elephant down your throat with a wooden spoon?
At least these portions have been cut into bite-size pieces. And they look so happy about it!
Such the fashionista this wild woman is! Her purse is the head of a man and her lipstick, though smeared to running (or is this the meal leftovers?), matches her award ceremony attire.
Perhaps she lives in a house about which Home Decorating proudly would do a spread. Kali herself seems queenly surveying her domain. I bet her electricity bill is HUGE!
Or perhaps she lives removed from true human realms in a bubble like a water-walking toy. Or maybe Kali is the earliest version of Wonder Woman with an invisible jet!
It must be the flying machine idea because she's been seen sitting down "driving" while eating a banana (or animal horn?) and using her smartphone for navigation assistance.
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